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Sigh didn't hear him come, but she felt his presence almost immediately. She didn't jump, didn't turn, didn't move. She was a statue with a pulse that drummed in her ears. The woman let him speak first, letting the pause move between them before he broke the silence, leaning on the railing beside her.

There were ears, eyes, everywhere. She knew it. He probably realized it too. The doors behind them were glass panels. Lord Varx was probably somewhere back there wailing and gnashing his teeth that Sir Shayne had reached Lady Keli's loveliness before he had had a chance to. She didn't look over at him, staring fixatedly on each firefly that bloomed over the manicured lawn and planned shrubbery. More silence ensued before she even answered, could bring herself to answer.

It has... It has been a lovely evening. Everyone has been kind to me. There was a slight shake in her voice that she tried to correct by strengthening her stance, her shoulders squaring. I must assume that your little mouse is waiting for you in there somewhere. There was no bitterness in her voice over his choice of escort, only a question of why he was not in there with her since he invited her. I'm afraid that mine has been rather scandalized since my appearance. She laughed hollowly. Once her mouth closed, she clenched her teeth. It was hard to not feel for the man standing beside her, to make no move towards him. He had shared his arms with her more than once, his lips, his strength. She could not refuse to feel for him. She could feel his anger as if it were yesterday, his passion as if it were simple moments ago. Sigh blinked stubbornly. Moisture again? Why?! She was getting angry at herself for tearing up. She had to keep it together.
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