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Her heart beat a heavy rhythm against her ribcage. His words about a walk in the garden made her breath catch. She was about to respond when it was time to be passed on. Her fingers brushed against his longingly as she allowed herself to twirl on to the next man in line, a small backwards glance betraying her for a moment before she introduced herself to the new one. Her mind was not in it now. Her heart had never been in it though it was entertaining and somewhat fun simply to dance. But the world seemed sort of gray since Shayne had moved on. The regret in his eyes had been there. He was sorry for leaving her, or so she let herself infer, not wishing to think that he hadn't. The dance couldn't have gotten over fast enough. Westrel finished twirling her for the final round. They bowed to each other and she smiled at him pleasantly. I suppose you'll want another round, perhaps? Maybe with Petir? He seems positively grumpy tonight!

Lord Westrel, thank you for the pleasure of this dance, but I must decline for now. I believe I must go get some air. He looked over her face.

You do appear flushed, my dear, sweet lady. Perhaps I may accompany you there? Sigh blinked.

Uh, no. No. That's alright. I will be fine by myself. Your Lady Madeliene would be cross with me for keeping you from her. Give Petir my best regards. I will return soon enough, I'm sure.

Westrel shrugged and kissed Sigh on the hand, bidding her farewell for the moment. Lord Varx, seeing that she was free began to rise to catch her, but she skirted by quickly, narrowly avoiding Lady Odelie who sought to catch her as well. He'll see me. He'll follow. Come, Shayne. Come with me. She closed her eyes as she found herself in the shadow of a pillar next to a patio leading down into the gardens below. The moon was already glowing softly, making her look like a small star as she slipped out between the doors to stand quietly by the railing, looking up at the stars, fireflies chasing each other through the plants down below. She breathed shallowly, blinking prolonged, trying not to think of Shayne which ultimately made her think of him more.
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