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Off to the side, a small gasp escaped Lenora, and Taliden watched carefully with a smile on his face. 'She matches him perfectly! Why did she agree to go with Lord Petirch when she didn't dress to match him at all..." She faded out and looked at Taliden.

The man smiled. 'I suppose we know who she'll likely end up with. Look at the way they're looking at each other.' He chuckled softly. In his opinion, the radiant Keli put light to the darkness that hid in Shayne's soul since he had left court.

Shayne smiled softly at sigh's comment on the ring. His voice was soft as he pulled her closer for a moment. "A lady gave it to me. Sadly, we parted company not long ago." His eyes showed a flash of sadness, and a little regret. He was not proud of his actions that night, but they had happened nonetheless. Another step and he spun her around before pulling her back once more.

His hands tightened lightly on her, still gentle, but longing to not let her go. The time to pass on to the next dancer was soon. "I would be honored, Lady Keli, if you would join me for a walk after the dance, in the gardens. I have a feeling you will want the fresh air, after this vigorous dancing." His tone was polite, but his eyes pleaded. I need to speak with you... "Of course, only if you want." He smiled at her, hope in his eyes, and then let her go to spin to the next dance partner.

The rest of the dance seemed to go by in a flash, and Shayne moved off to the side, his eyes watching Sigh in a manner that was both longing and resigned. If she didn't wish to talk with him, she wouldn't come to him. Nervousness made him run his hands though his neat pony tail. The ring glinted upon his finger, and he watched for the golden of Sigh's dress.
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