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Time and again, Sigh thought she saw him wending his way towards her through the throng and press of bodies. Varx, fortunately, did not have a partner and was sitting out this time. It seemed almost impossible when she watched her hand slide into a warm, familiar one. She looked up and met his eyes. She blinked away the moisture that surprised her in the corners of her eyes as she threw herself into the dance alongside of him. Her gold and red combination blended perfectly with his red and black. They stole the dance for the time that they were together it seemed. Sh... Sir Shayne. Yes, Keli. She swallowed hard as he twirled her away and then back towards him again. I once had a ring like that. I'm surprised to see one like it again.

The woman tried to regain the lost pieces of her decorum. It wasn't unforseen that she would dance with this man. In fact, she had wanted to dance with him the moment she had seen him on the dance floor, but could not. They were playing characters. Shayne both terrified her and had made her heart leap for joy all at the same time. The way he touched her now was not rough like he had by the tree the last time they had run away from each other. I missed... that ring. What am I doing? This is... Shayne. She could feel the pressure, the hunger of his lips again on the damnable ship where the whole confusing journey seemed to only just get more confusing. His arms around her now made her remember him with his head laying on her bedside, his hand on hers throughout the time when she was still weak. Now everything she opened her mouth to say seemed to have a double meaning.
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