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Lenora didn't feel up to the circle dance, so Shayne excused himself, letting her rest and chat with Taliden while Evana came with him. He purposefully insinuated himself into the circle on the other side from Sigh. It wouldn't be until halfway through that they would meet up. As the dance started, he kept his hands gentle, and she laughed joyously when he spun her out to the next gentleman. Meanwhile,he had small talk with the women he danced with. Some were better dancers than he, adding their own flare into the dance, some he made make look like they were better for his skill in leading the steps.

Every conversation seemed empty, and moments seemed to crawl by as Sigh's radiance slowly spun closer. Finally, she was spun to him, and he didn't give her a chance to stop, sweeping her with the dance. One hand settled on her waist, his fingers gentle but firm, the other reached for her hand. His blue eyes scanned her swiftly, and his smile, for that moment. turned genuine. "You shine out among the rest here, Lady Keli.' He raised an eyebrow. 'Or have you decided upon a different name, M'lady?" His eyes searched hers, serious and shielded. He wanted to pull her close to him, to kiss her again. The woman he wanted was in his arms, and they only had a few short moments.
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