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When the music began, Petir was kind enough to dance with Sigh then. She was a fairly skilled dancer. She knew her steps well enough, having been taught. She could read his movements and move accordingly, like water in a shaken bowl will follow along. But his steps were lackluster and he was not putting his heart into it.

The woman with whom he danced watched her partner, but caught a glimpse of another figure. Shayne's broad back was too her, his partner a mousy thing who scampered more than pranced. She had to keep the smile pasted onto her face because it was hard not to think of him. The paladin's personal dicotomy was still in her mind. The strength of his rage tempered by the gentle protectiveness. She wondered if... By the Dark... He's wearing my ring. The music wound down thankfully as she stared off after him. Lady Keli? Are you alright? She shook her head a little, clearing it.

Oh, um, yes, Petir. My apologies. I was simply so caught up in the music, I--

Petir! My Lady Keli!

Lord Westrel! How good of you to come and greet us. The other man smiled. He was shorter than Petir, but taller than Sigh yet. He offered his hand, open palmed to Sigh. She smiled back. I take it you wish to dance with me, Lord Westrel?

Well, certainly. At least for this first turn. The next dance is a circle dance. You will be able to dance will all the gentlemen in our circle for a short turn each. Yes, that will mean that you might be face to face with Lord Varx if he came with an actual woman to dance with and picked ours, but it's fun and frivolous and you get to meet people the quick and easy way. What say you? The young man's smile was infectious.

Certainly then. But Petir...?

Will dance with Lady Madeliene, my date for this evening. She won't mind at all. He gave Petir a wave that told him to shove off because he was being a spoilsport and a bore. Westrel was in a gray blue jacket with a light blue shirt with a few ruffles, but in fairly good taste considering the rest.

The dance began in earnest. Westrel spun her about and kept his hands on her hand and waist firmly, but gently. After about a minute, partners rotated, women spun one direction and men spun the other to grab the next opposite gender partner in the row. Sigh kept her eyes roving to see if Shayne was in her circle.
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