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Shayne had straightened up his attire only slightly when he went to his quarters. Keeping the red over-tunic, he switched the white shirt under it for a black cotton one. Black and red were easy to compliment, and he knew that Taliden would have told Lenora that Shayne was unlikely to change his outfit completely for the ball. He fingered the ring on his hand, thinking to remove it, but left it on as he left his room to go meet Lady Lenora.

Her suite was easy for him to find, and he waited outside of it after knocking, stepping back so as to not seem imposing in her doorway. A few seconds later, a maid pulled the door open and Lenora stepped out, clad in a dress that was simple, but had lace around the edges, crawling up her neck a little in modesty and trimming her waist. It's black color made her waist seems slimmer in her deep purple dress. Shayne smiled. They did not match, but purple and red did go well enough together that they would not be shunned. Her brown eyes were lined with charcoal, and her hair now done in a swirling updo, ringlets hanging down from tail and over her forehead.

"You look lovely, my lady." He smiled and offered his arm. She blushed and took it and they walked down towards the hall. Small conversation was made, mostly about the weather and pieces of it being Shayne telling of the glamor of the ladies' dresses at balls. His murmured appreciation for her lack of ruffles and lesser amount of petticoats made her blush. He'd never been fond of the amount of frill that even the men wore in court. It was overdone.

When they reached the hall, he surveyed over the crowd, his eyes caught by a golden flash in the candlelight. Sigh's dark hair spilled above it, and he tilted his head in slight confusion. Where was Petirch? His eyes saw the man a moment later, seeming almost invisible and drab next to the brilliance of Sigh's apparel. "It is well we aren't the first ones to be here..." He chuckled, knowing that in fact, they were perfectly timed to be neither among the first or last to join the crowd.

Musicians sat in a group along the side of the hall, readying instruments to play and the courtiers were gathered in plenty, some of them even more garish in clothing choices than before. Shayne's smile was plastered in place, as often it was in court, but genuine enough to convince many that he was happy here.

Lenora half clung to his arm as he escorted her through knots of people, avoiding the elder gentlemen who he knew disturbed her. Many of them were perverted pigs that even Shayne did not care to be around. It wasn't long before they found Taliden and Evana, exchanging greetings and idle chatter, which Shayne rarely chimed into. He was searching with eyes only for Sigh's glowing dress once more, distracted and preoccupied.

It wasn't until Taliden elbowed him that he realized the music had started. "Shayne! What has got into you? You look like you're in another world! Come on, pay attention, they're starting the first dance!" The younger man hissed at him, and Shayne was pulled back to the present moment. Lady Lenora looked up at him, her expression insecure and slightly innocent. She didn't know what to do.

A calm smile spread across his face. "No worries, Lady Lenora.. You've had dancing lessons, as any lady of station, and I've been told I am fairly adequate with my knowledge of how to dance. You shan't get your toes stepped on by me tonight." It was quite obvious to him that there was little to no chemistry between him and the demure Lenora, but he would dance with her at least once before allowing any other to sweep her away.

Holding out his hand, he waited for her to place hers into it before sweeping her out among the other dancing couples. As usual, the first dance was simple, mostly a warmup, something that everyone was sure to know. One hand on high on her waist, the other holding hers, Shayne led her easily through the steps, his feline grace and strength making her shocked at any slightly move advanced moves he led her in. Her skirt twirled around her legs as he spun her, and her delight soon spread enough to show and radiate from her.

Spirit is there, it's simply hidden... Lion's mane... what I wouldn't give to be anywhere but here, or even being here with someone of my own level of fight... The idle thought was just that, idle, wishful. He would be daydreaming of a woman who obviously hated him. It was hard for him to realize that for the first time, his happiness was truly faked, even with the satisfaction of knowing that Sigh had chosen to clash rather than match the Lord Petirch.
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