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Because Sigh wasn't looking at him at all, she missed the flash of her ring on Shayne's finger. And then all of a sudden he was gone from her sight. Westrel bid her congratulations about scooping up an eligble bachelor so quickly on her first day in court and asked her to go hawking with him the next day after the noontime meal, she agreed easily while Petir frowned and invited himself along. Their vying to have her stake some sort of claim was amusing. She refused subtly and neither man seemed the wiser to see that she preferred another man. It was playing the game. With Varx gone and out of sight, Sigh excused herself and escorted herself back to her suite like a wraith.

Once inside, she leaned up against the back of the door and exhaled. Keli? What's the matter? Tired already? Or simply bored with how long everything in court takes? Sigh chuckled at Betsy's comments. The hooker had her hair up in bright gold ringlets tightly curled under a maid's cap. Her servant's style dress hung much lower than it was supposed to and the mole on her cheek only made her look as she was.

I need a bath.

Again? Ah, fine. Yeh such a fine lady that I'm sure yeh need two baths in a day. So what's the word?

Sigh grinned unpleasantly, wrinkling her nose. I'm going to a ball tonight.

Fuuuun. What're yeh wearing?

He's wearing green.

Then yeh're not. Yeh're an independent woman not looking for some man to protect you. Yeh're going to stand out like a shining angel of a warrior woman and I've got just the thing for yeh. Betsy smiled wickedly and ushered Sigh into the bath, scrubbing the other woman until her skin turned red all over, though she was gentle around the burned flesh. Sigh sighed softly, luxuriating in the feeling of being waited on so well.

The bath was over in an hour, her drying hair in a towel atop her head. Sigh stared at her body in the mirror. It's not so bad. I wouldn't have many scars save for that burn and it makes me look more like a white and pink leopard. Betsy snorted and held out a long bit of golden fabric.

Gold? That's not going to look well with his sort of green at all! Betsy smiled wickedly once more.

Exactly. I'll give yeh a brilliant green sash, but no, this dress will get lit up by the candles so yeh'll practically glow. Next to every other noble lady, yeh'll be the torch to their candles. Sigh laughed and nodded, accepting the glimmering silk that appeared to be near as metallic as real polished gold.

Where did you find this? It's amazing.

I'm a hooker and I got friends. I know my way around, Keli. I do. Come on now, love. Let's do yeh up. Every man in the room will want to dance with yeh. Probably more than once!

The golden dress was stunning. It dipped low towards the bosom, but not so much as to be inappropriate or let people see down their whilst dancing close. There were no sleeves. Instead there were golden ribbons that held the dress up over the cleverly hidden straps. The ribbons dangled from the back of her shoulders to her waist. The dress had a low back as well that dipped down nearly to her waist. The waist of the dress was stitched so it would move well, but also stay close to the body, highlighting the best that Sigh had to offer, her thin waist and well rounded hips. From there, the thin, but flared skirt nearly journeyed down to the floor and swirled with the lightest movement. Her shoes were open toed, heeled, and hard soled, but daintily braided sandals. Betsy tipped her head this way and that, trying to figure out what to do about something or other.

Green is wrong. Red is better. Yeh'll clash with your escort, but yeh'll make one hell of a statement. Yeh're no man's woman and need no protection from nobody. The two women laughed, Sigh nodding in agreement as the glistening red sash was tied neatly and diagonally about her waist.

I just bet that this is the first time Petir has ever been color uncoordinated.

Prolly. Betsy chuckled again as she attached Sigh's white gold jewelry with rubies. Tasteful and simple every single one. Two dangling earrings, one simple chain, and one simple ring on her pinky finger on her left hand. Sigh's hair was piled up in loose rings, secured in gold and red pins while two long groupings of hair hung down by her ears, hanging past the fronts of her shoulders. Well... Yeh're gorgeous, Keli. I think yeh're ready to go now. Yeh'll probably have to meet... Oh.

There was a knock on the door. It was time for dinner and the ball and Petir had obviously discovered her secluded suite. Betsy went to answer it slowly, keeping her face as submissive as possible. Please wait, good lord. My lady is on her way to see yeh.

The man wore a grey-green suit that looked more professional. Petir's eyes widened when Sigh came to the door. He was shocked and appalled by her brazen lack of complimenting his attire. Instead she clashed mildly and shone like a miniature sun. I apologize that I lacked the foresight to inform you that I would meet you at the hall, my lord.

P...Petir, my lady. She smiled, feigning that she missed the stutter of both astonishment and irritation. No one had ever done this to him. You are sure that you would like this outfit, my lady?

Sigh frowned and schooled her face to innocent confusion. Is it not lovely?

Uh, um, yes, m'lady. Let us... Let us go. Betsy sent Sigh a wink as she closed the door. And that is how it was that the two of them showed up at the crowded hall, showing up in a timely fashion, but certainly not choosing to be the first ones there. That was left for the old or the unimportant. Lady Odelie was already there as was Lord Varx.
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