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Shayne chuckled along with Westrel. He had a fair amount of respect for the man, as a courtier at least. He ignored that Varx had subtly stormed away, knowing that the man was easily riled by the jokes about his age and flirting technique. His eyes found the Lord Petir, hanging Sigh a pink rose, and the lion growled in him once more. But he silenced it before it showed, lookign back to Westrel. "I'd say she was gorgeous beyond belief, not simply quaint and lovely. She is a falcon striding among pigeons. A woman such as that will land on her feet, whether she knows the rules or not. "

The man stretched his neck slightly, smiling at the smaller lord next to him and silently glad that he was able to stand out so much, rather than blend easily in like the wavy haired man next to him. He winked. "I have not yet found myself a lady to escort. But you know me from early years, m'lord. I will find one within the hour. I have my ways."

His eyes glowed as he watched Sigh come back with Petir. Slowly, he fixed the man with a stare, a challenging smile and a wink before murmuring to the man next to him. "I bid you good evening, Lord Westrel. I find myself being hailed to the ladies, alas that I must give up meeting our new young beauty just yet." His eyes turned to Sigh momentarily, before starting to turn away, reaching up with his right hand as he turned left, the red-jeweled ring flashing on his finger in the light as he brushed hair behind his ear. The man walked away before Sigh and her escort had come close.

He made his way over to Taliden once more, where he still stood with his lady still. 'You join us again, Shayne."

Chuckling, the man smiled at the young warrior. "Well, I was wondering if perhaps your lovely Lady Evana has a friend much like herself. I find myself without a lady to escort to the ball tonight, and I fear that I would hate to have to snag one of the many peacocks that are among the older women." His voice lowered in a conspiratorial manner, his smile mischievous.

Evana smiled and blushed before leaning forward slightly. "I do have a lovely friend, she's just arrived a few days ago, but she's been shy and not mingled much." She smiled and turned to look at a nearby table. "She need someone as friendly as you to get her comfortable in this setting, Sir Shayne.'

"Would you be so kind as to make me known then?" Evana nodded and slid gracefully away from Taliden to find her friend over in the group around the table.

"We will see you later as well then?" The young man looked hopeful. "It has been ever so long and dull with you away. All the balls never have any lively music without you there to encourage the musicians."

Shayne didn't get in a reply before Evana came back pulling a brown skinned young woman behind her. The woman was slim and slender, wearing a dress with the minimum amount of ruffles. It hugged her curves, was high cut enough to be modest, and flared at her hips, the style not of Phenvast, but of a place with a simpler court. Her hazel brown hair was pulled back in a simple braid, ringlets hanging by her temples and ears. "Lenora, I give you Sir Tashayne Lorelai, paladin of Leosine. Sir Shayne, may I present my good Lady Lenora."

Lenora offered her hand as Shayne raised his to accept it, stunned by the smooth tone in her skin. "A pleasure, my lady." He kissed her palm, smiling brightly in his charming fashion.

With a blush that was almost invisible, the young woman curtsied and murmured "Pleased to meet you, Sir."

He let her hand go, lingering a little as was proper to infer interest. I wish she were Sigh... She smiled shyly at him. "I hear you have not yet an escort for tonight's ball."

"Oh.. I don't know if I was going to go..." She ducked her head a little.

Evana smiled. "But of course you must go, Lenora! You've never been to a ball yet, and Shayne is highly regarded as an escort. You don't want to be escorted by him do you?" She directed gazes to one of the older men in the court. Lenora shuddered.

"That's why I didn't want to go.

"No fear, my lady. I shall keep men like him away from you, should you choose to allow me to escort you. I have helped many get used to life in court. It is far easier to be introduced by one such as myself. After all, half the people here wouldn't dare to insult any lady with me." he was talking in a joking, comfortable tone, hoping to make her giggle. It worked.

Though it took a few more encouraging jibes from Taliden and Evana, Lenora did agree to go, saying soon after that she wished to go ready herself for the ball. Shayne felt slightly relieved. He was not with the woman he wanted, but at least he would get some dancing fun in. She was a beautiful young lady, her darker skin exotic, but she was not the iron strength of what he truly needed in a woman for anything more than dancing. I do hope she does not dress to match, but rather just to compliment. At the same time, he hoped Sigh would not change to match Petir. He would have little chance with her if that happened. The man retreated to the garden for the moment. feeling a need for the cool air.
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