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Varx paled as Shayne came out of nowhere and began threatening in a non-threatening tone of voice that only came off as all the more threatening. He opened his mouth in order to stutter out a response as Westrel chuckled. Now, now, Sir Shayne. No reason to threaten violence. If you cut him, I'd be surprised if he bled out of such thin little veins anyway. The older one gets, the more dried up one gets. Or so some would say. The man smiled while Varx silently fumed.

Westrel and Shayne had never been enemies and never been friends though Westrel had only shown Shayne as well as everyone else a fair smile and a ready joke. He was not bad in the way that the lords could go. I do believe that Lord Varx never did have have more than a 3 percent shot at her. I think she realized that he was quietly ogling her rear baggage train, so to speak. Now, if I were any critic, I would think that a bandit of hearts would stand to loose more by watching the rear baggage train of the caravan, ahorse drooling, than to simply face the driver with confidence and tell her to pull over because there was no way she would outrun you. I do believe that is Sir Shayne's technique, if I'm not mistaken. The analogy was fairly apt. Lord Westrel smiled, shaking some hair out of his eyes. As for my chances with the fair Lady Keli, hmm, we shall see shant we?

Varx stamped off, tired of being ridiculed by the two younger men. Westrel shrugged. Wonder what got his goat. Heh. So, Sir, interested in our new friend over there, hmm? Quite the lovely bumpkin if I say so myself. Quaint, but lovely. Not at all like the overly colorful pansies we have in our own garden. I wonder if she will enjoy being part of this game. I don't even know if she realizes the rules. He shrugged. But I suppose that will be determined by the ball tonight. Did you procure a lady for the evening, Shayne? I know that you came rather late, but you're always invited. I'm sure Petirch is asking Lady Keli now. I wonder if she'll dress to match. He always makes sure that the flowers know what he'll wear. If she does, then I suppose that means she's accepted his guidance for the time being. Westrel had folded his arms, tapping his lips in a thoughtful gesture as he watched Sigh and Petir walk beside the ferns and the roses, a pink rose already in Sigh's hand.

Sigh had walked beside the man in grey-green. He was handsome if a thinner build than Shayne. She smiled prettily at all the right times. His fine, scarless hand plucked up a delicate pink rose. He sniffed it artfully and then offered it to the woman beside him. Here, Lady Keli. It suits you. A lovely blossom amidst the garden.

Gag, what is he trying to do? Make me choke to death on his flattery? You are too kind, my lord. She smiled gently, her eyes blinking slowly. She made certain to be careful of the thorns that lay in wait to prick her fingers, but it was just another deadly flower.

Please, my lady, call me Petir. If you would allow it. She laughed softly behind her fingers, letting her eyes appear to be lighting up, flattered. My dear lady, though you are new to the court, I would ask that you accompany me to the ball this eve. I know that it is short notice, but I would be relieved to have such a beautiful woman on my arm, the envy of all there.

Sigh forced a blush. I... I am flattered, L... Petir. I know not what to say. Petir stepped to stand in front of her, clasping both of her hands gently, looking into her pale blue eyes. He is kind of handsome when he... looks at me like that. Her smile turned genuine for a moment. He smiled back.

Please say that you will attend with me.

Sigh had no choice but to nod. No one else was going to ask her. Yes. I will go with you, Petir. He exhaled in relief.

I will wear green. He smiled and stepped to her side once more and held out his arm. She took it gracefully. I will escort you back to the gathering, but I am sure that you will want to make yourself ready shortly. Thank you, my lady, for the honor of being your attendent.

The two of them strolled silently back towards where the rest of the nobles were gathered where it was obvious to Westrel that Petirch had succeeded in the pride that shown off his face. Sigh was simply a demure princess, her eyes absorbing everything though studiously avoiding Shayne as if he were a blindspot in her field of vision though it might have been obvious to him that she was completely aware of him and didn't want to give herself away.
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