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Shayne soon excused himself from Talidens company, in fact, avoiding company for the most part. He greeted lords and ladies as he moved, and he kept subtle following Sigh's movements as the familiar Lady Odelie led her around introducing her. She was led to a knot of gentlemen. Many of them Shayne knew and had talked with, told stories for, bragged with or learned from in some manner. He stood in the shadow of one of the pillars in the area, his hand moving to his chest where the hidden chain hung, his fingers pulling it out of the neck of his shirt and fingering the red-jeweled ring there.

A moment of thought, and he jerked the chain, breaking the clasp and letting the chain fall to the floor. It was lost in the chattering of the court as he watched the men. A snarl grew in him, though he silenced it quickly. The way the men were looking at her, as if she were a prize to be one, infuriated him. The man growled slightly, sliding the ring onto his finger as he watched, holding himself in the shadows. He could not start a fight among the court. Not as he was. He would be thrown out if he did.

As he saw her slide her hand into the loop of the young Lord Petirch, his eyes narrowed. But he moved his way over to the two lords, hearing the last legs of the conversation. The large man stepped forward, having walked close to them without raising any alarm. His voice was down low in a dangerous drawl as he spoke to Varx. "Care to repeat that while I have a blade on me, Lord Varx? I don't believe your blood says much more about you than your lineage, whereas my deeds speak of my character and dedication." He grinned in a friendly manner before looking after Sigh and the man with her.

He fixed the two men with a smirk and his tone turned to joking and somewhat bragging. "Though your chances on the beautiful Lady Keli has just gone down to twenty five percent...give or take a few. After all, why would such glamor go for such as you, when she has three younger, far more attractive men to choose from." Shayne favored Westrel with a soft smile. "Care to compare my technique to your good friend's, my lord?" He winked playfully. 'Let us see what tricks he has learned while I have been away.'
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