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His small talk with Lady Sharden came to a halt as the woman gasped slightly. "Oh my!"

"What?" He turned to follow her gaze, as many other nobles had stopped to look at the woman who had entered the large hall. Bright blue eyes landed upon the beautifully simple dress, silk hugging the curves of the woman. There were no ruffles and lace that outlined the neckline and hips and arms on her, and his eyes traveled over her quickly. This was a lady that was not part of the court normally. He would've seen her days ago. Then the man's eyes landed upon her face, and his eyes widened. Sigh?! He turned quickly to look at the lady he had been talking to. "Pardon me, M'lady. I must be going."

"Surely you're not leaving me to go speak with that harlot, are you?!" Sharden gasped, fanning herself as she blushed, her light make up making her eyes look huge and doe like.

Shayne smiled sweetly at her, catching himself, despite how Sigh's appearance had thrown him off momentarily. "Of course not, Lady Sharden. I merely have things to discuss with some of my colleagues." He took her hand, and bowing eloquently, kisses her knuckles gently through the gloves she wore. "Fare thee well, my lady."

As he moved through the crowd, never looking directly at Sigh as the rest of the court returned to chattering, though now many knots of the women were murmuring about this new addition to their midst. The scar upon her face made them ask why she had not found a magical way to hide such a flaw. Why is she here? Why would she come to court. How did she manage to find her way into court. There was always a way to track people. How did she avoid it? His smile was now automatic, his winks flirtatious but not overly so. He paused by a young man younger than him and half of his bulk.

As he approached, the man turned, his movements smooth and feline. Around his neck, over the deep green tunic he wore a Leosine medallion. 'Tashayne! I heard you were in court again, but I had yet to find you!"

The smile on Shayne's face grew to be genuine. "Taliden." He reached out his hand to grasp the other's in a warrior's handshake. "How have you been in the time I've been gone?' He glanced around as if just taking in the area, and subtly looked for Sigh.

"Well, I've done quite well. I've almost finished my training! I just have a few more months until my pilgrimage..." He listened out of one ear as the youth continued. Taliden had been in a class behind him, his age holding him back a little as he had to wait for his growth to catch up to others in his training group. Even as it was, he won with speed and cleverness, rather than brute strength. But Shayne knew he could easily be as ferocious in battle as his peers that were larger.

His attention returned to him as he continued. "Oh! Where are my manners?!" He pulled a young lady, about eighteen, from the middle of the group that stood next to them. "Shayne, this is Lady Evana. Ev, this is Sir Shayne, paladin of Leosine." The woman was wearing a simple dress with a sweetheart neckline, lined with lace and embroidery, falling to the floor, hugging her curves in a complementary manner, but not in a revealing one. Shayne smiled as he took her hand, bowing over it and smiling.

"Your beauty is astounding, my lady." His eyes ran over her light brown hair, curled up into a soft pony tail with curls by her temples. She blushed at his compliments, murmuring an appropriate reply.

"Shayne, no charming her away from me."Taliden pulled her towards him, and her smile at him told plainly of the love match that was in the making.

'I would never charm a woman away from anyone who deserves the wonderful company of such." He mocked insult, grinning. Her beauty had paled next to the iron strength in Sigh and now the pale beauty that was among them, somewhere. He glanced around again, looking for her, rubbing his clean shaven jaw.
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