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Tawnik smiled as Velanta did, following her eyes as she moved next to him. The warmth of her hand and then the added warmth of her body comforted him. But his mind was still racing, thinking of how he would explain the missing hammock. He knew that she would not know a thing, that no one would know a thing of his choice to leave. He had been here at all times and never ventured into the jungle.

But the missing hammock – how do I explain that? he thought. He looked ahead in case Velanta saw his eyes moving into thought. Someone snuck onto the ship and stole a hammock. Simple. There had been no one around to see him and, therefore, no one around to guard the ship. Unless the lookout was still at his post. It would have to do. And if he was found out, then he might admit having second thoughts.

"Looking forward to it," he said, much after Velanta had said anything. "So...when are we leaving?"
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