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Sigh settled her things quickly and efficiently. With the prying eyes of the regular courtiers gone, she and Betsy and Sylvana got to work. The demoness was a great help and willing to because she knew that she'd get something out of it in the long run. The vengeance Sigh had planned should be bloody and tasty, at least to Sylvana that was.

Come'on, girl. We have to pop you into a new dress. Yeh riding one is suitable for the carriage or actual riding, but not for yeh first time in front of everyone. The hooker was proficient at getting people out of awkward clothing, that was for sure. It made Sigh mildly uncomfortable, but she put up with it. The pale skinned woman stood there stark naked as Betsy hauled the new dress up on her with associating garments.

Do you think that Danny and Barty will be fine away from us?

Betsy made an unflattering noise. Nah, but they know better than to get their hands caught in the cookie jar. They won't give yeh away, Lady. It's a con and we know what we're supposed to do.

Sigh nodded. The pale blue silk felt cool against her body as it was rustled up. The bone corset was uncomfortable but bearable. When she stood dressed in front of the mirror with her hair done up, she nodded. It'll do.

The dress was elegant and simple pale blue silk. The skirt was fairly straight lined until the knees where it flared out, little white flowers embroidered on the hem with small pearls in their centers. The sleeves were long and flared out at the wrists with the same flower embroidery. The corset only held her ribs stable on the inside of the dress and helped her meager chest to stand up slightly more prominently. The bust of the dress was lower cut than she was used to, but much higher than standard fashion dictated with a bit of see-through gauze in the V point. She wore a string of white pearls around her neck and strung through her hair which was was mostly up save for a little bit in back that hung down in spiralling curls, thanks to Betsy's ingenuity and magic with hair. Sigh also wore one silver ring on her right index finger with a small blue stone in it as well as large hooped earrings in a silver color. There was a slight blush powdered on her cheeks to give her more color as well as some on her lips. The makeup above her eyes was a light blue over the dark black of the stuff Betsy decided her eyelashes needed to stand out dramatically to make a good first impression. And then all that was left was the pale blue slippers that she wriggled her toes into.

The demonologist bid Sylvana a dismissal. I guess I'm on my own now. It's time to make some friends. She smiled a little uncertainly.

Betsy chuckled softly. Yeh'll do fine, love. Yeh a pretty girl.

The dark haired woman nodded to her hooker maid and gracefully slid out of her suite like a dancer. Her shoulders back and her chin high, she entered the courtyard where many a noble was socializing over small games of chance, boards of chess, and flirting shamelessly. Sigh nodded to a servant whom helped her down a small flight of stairs. The smile pasted on her face looked exactly like that of the women standing everywhere like peacocks with their poofy dresses. Sigh was one of the few that broke that rule.

She took a moment to survey the scene. One man looked vaguely familiar in shape, but she couldn't place him, his hair in a braid as she was seeing him from the back. So her head turned about to scan the rest of the room and pick a likely target to begin to socialize with.
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