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Shayne mingled with the courtiers, as he had done for the past several days. It was boring, but he knew which courtiers to get close to, and which to avoid. He had found who was feuding with who, and who was in opposite factions. Ladies were the best source for information, and he was good with them. As it was, simply walking through the crowds, the women were smiling shyly at him behind their fans, and his open grin made him easily recognizable.

He wore a clean tunic, colored a deep red, set over a white shirt. His breeches were dark brown, almost black, and his boots were cleaned and polished. Black hair was braided neatly back behind his head, and he was far more simply dressed than the majority of the nobles, but it was stunning on him. The medallion of his god hung openly around his neck, and he was respected for that, if not for his style.

Lady Sharden batted her eyes at him, wearing a low cut dress of a bright blue that accented her eyes and blond hair. "Sir Shayne! How wonderful to see you joining us once again." She greeted him with warmth that had taken a heavy amount of flattery to gain.

"Indeed, my lady. It is fantastic to be here back in court once again. The road can get ever so dull compared to the excitement here." His inner tone was sarcastic. He was beginning to miss his life on the road already. Court was not so wonderful as it used to be, and every lady paled in beauty when set next to the image of Sigh inside his head.
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