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It had taken Sigh a week and a half to travel to Phenvast by foot as well as picking up monetary earnings on her way there. The small farmsteads seemed rather pathetic to burn and plunder, but it was easier to steal a wagon and a draft horse and then barter some household goods, the wagon, and the draft horse once she actually got into the city. It took quite some time, but it wasn't so long that she had a sizeable purse and some fairly seedy connections to purchase what she needed. Sylvana could charm nearly any rogue or cutpurse into helping and Barriego kept her safe whilst she went from seedy inn to seedy inn in disguise so she could actually make an entrance into court that would satisfy curiosity enough as to where she came from. As to what she promised the peasants who helped, an all access pass to the court where they could steal things and then leave discreetly.

Barty the Weasel was her carriage driver. In court livery, he could pass as an underfed nephew of an orderly... maybe. If no one were looking closely enough. Betsy the Hooker had become Maid Betsy who would be permitted to steal silver plated cutlery as long as she were discreet about it and served Sigh in the manner that an ordinary maid would. As Betsy was relatively curvaceous, she would be excellent cover to throw at unwanted suitors at court. She was also suprisingly good at hair arrangement and color coordination between dresses and accessories. And Danny the Cutpurse was her stableboy and horse handler. They all decided that calling him something other than Danny would just confuse the lad who was only fourteen and rather soft in the head even as his fingers were nimble.

So it was that Lady Keliaria Harnerbeck came calling upon the court of Phenvast. Because no one could figure out where exactly she came from nor disprove that she was not nobleborn, they gave her a suite in a far off wing that was fairly well private for Sigh's taste with a small room off the main entryway for Betsy to sleep in. The mystery of whom the Lady Harnerbeck was and where she came from circulated almost from before she had set her foot in the room she was given.

Sigh looked around at the suite and smiled. Success!

Lady, would yeh like me to have them bring in yeh trunks? Over by the bed, eh?

Sigh nodded, feigning a smile. Yes, please, Betsy. Thank you. And so it had begun. Danny would sleep in the stables and Barty would find a place in the servant's quarters downstairs. It would be perfect.
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