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"You are only what you make yourself, Sigh." He called out as she turned around. He didn't wait to see if she turned around to look at him. Shayne was angry, as angry as he'd been the night his wife was murdered. Curses spilled from his mouth as he stood up and stormed back to the horses. His armor clanged as he latched it back onto the saddle, and he snatched up the food bag, hooking it on as well.

The horses snorted in unease as he let out a wordless roar of rage at his situation, kicking dirt over the fire. But he swiftly calmed down to handle the horses as untied them and mounted the gelding, taking the mares reins and tying them to the saddle horn before kicking the gelding into a lope. He would ride long into the night before stopping, driving the horses hard until he reached his goal.
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