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Sigh had heard him. However, she had done exactly what he had accused her of. She was still running. The situation was bad to worse every moment she really looked at what was happening. He had been telling her that she was more than she was lead to believe throughout her life. She was just proving him wrong. She had already given away her first born whom hadn't even been brought into the world yet. And now she was being intentionally cruel and causing pain on one of the only people in the world that thought she was more than dirt and less than a dark goddess of malice.

The demonologist motioned and Barriego was suddenly a glass stickman once more. Yes. I heard what you said. I just proved you wrong. The bloodline of a whore and a master demon summoner together makes me. A coward who plays with demons and makes bad deals because she doesn't want to die yet. So she gives away life because that's the only way she learned how to play the game.

She turned on her heels, her dark hair swaying behind her cloak like a dark ribbon, and began walking into the jungle once more. Barriego followed quickly behind her, sensing the emotions and wondering what the hell was going on. He had hoped that it would have been Shayne's bloodline that would have entered the mix to strengthen the fine boned Memnemik strain. The creature he would have become then would have been magnificent. Perhaps it still wasn't too late, but he would bide his time. There were always other men.
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