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He heard the murmured words, and as the spike of glass-like demon came between them, he swore and let her go quickly. Damn her demons. Did she even hear what I said? He stepped back cautiously from the demon, knowing that it was protection and not for fighting made him no more comfortable.

As she spoke, of the contract, he shook his head. She had missed everything else he had said. As Barriego spoke, he listened, but his eyes were focused on Sigh, his anger cooling to charcoal and slow burning heat. It wasn't long before his whole attention was focused on the words that came from the body of glass now surrounding Sigh.

The horror of the deal hit him a moment after Barriego had finished speaking, and silence ruled the jungle they were in. Part of him could understand the desperation that came with such a situation, but the idea of raising a child to the age of 6 and then giving its soul to the Abyss was barbaric to him. His expression told of shock, horror. A string of curses came out of his mouth, and he turned around and slammed a closed fist into one of the trees. Skin ripped on his hand, leaving his knuckles scraped and bruised, but a large dent in the trunk of the tree.

He whirled around on Sigh once more. "Did you hear any of what I said at all?" Shayne growled in frustration. "Or where you so terrified I would hold you there forever that you just went into panic mode and turned to demons for help?" He snarled, leaning against the tree behind him and sliding down to rest with his arms on his knees and his head tilted down, hair falling forward to hide his face.
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