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Sigh was close to trying to swing and hit him when he grabbed her other arm, sufficiently pinning her in his grasp. She attempted to pull her arms free by moving backwards until she realized that Shayne had backed her into a tree trunk. The woman squirmed, fighting away panic. She had only two options now if she wanted to get away from his superior strength. Orikuna and Barriego. If I summon Barriego, he can force him away with the barrier and I can summon whomever I want. If I summon Orikuna, he would have to appear right beneath me to force him off and then strike. It would be a safer bet with Barriego. He stands to lose the most if I go down. Our contract makes him the most loyal demon I possess. I can trust him with my life now. Damn it all! She thought not at all of whatever had attracted her to the man before her now. Escape and panic were all that remained in the situation though she fought it with all of her might.

Shayne was angry. Darkness take him. His face was close to hers. She was tempted to bite him, but thought better of it. Fear and rage and escape danced within her nearly to the point that where she missed what he was saying. Strength is not being dead. Honor is everything in between. Without life, there is no need for honor. As his grip loosened around her wrists, she whispered softly. The Abyssal portal opens. Barriego, heed my call.

A spear of ice-like glass shot up in the space between their bodies. It took only a moment to form the shield around the woman, forcing her wrists out of Shayne's grasp and pushing her out to the side of the tree itself as if it were a quickly inflated beachball. Sigh stood within her bubble rubbing her wrists that were reddened because of how tight his grip had been. You want to know? Fine. Know then! Barriego, tell him! Tell him of our contract.

As you wish, Mistress. During Calsylar's betrayal, I offered Mistress Sigh a chance to escape possession by retrieving a force that I knew could get past the men and force Calsylar to flee her body. You, in specific. However, you see, I am a demon and demons do nothing for free. This is a known danger to all those who deal with demons. The said demon contract. My mistress could either accept my terms of the contract or deal with Calsylar on her own. In the Circle of Possession, she stood no chance of expelling a demon on her own unless in contact with another demonologist or two. In light of the dire degree of her circumstances coupled with my own knowledge that the Memnemik's offspring always breed true in way of magic, I felt certain that should Mistress Sigh breed, her first child will be a male and will be possessing of the gift of magic. According to our contract, Mistress Sigh will raise her first child for six years and then transfer the child to me as my host. If she does not fulfill the contract, then she will be hunted by any demon summoned on the material plane until the day her soul is dragged down into the Abyss where it will suffer such horrible consequences that she will have wished that she would have simply given herself to Calsylar. But, as you see, she wanted to live a little longer.

Sigh looked away, ashamed even as her shoulders bowed and she continued to rub her sore wrists. It was silent. Even the animals in the jungle quieted due to the smell of demon.
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