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As she spun to face him, his expression was hard, but worried. What contract had she made, with who? He grabbed her other arm, almost hating himself for using his quite superior strength to make her stay. Pushing her to make her step back, he moved to put her back to the tree, looking down at her. "No." His voice was cold and hard, unrelenting. For a moment, his mind went to the moment he had pinned her against the wall in her cabin. But his mind swiftly was back on focus.

"If it has anything to do with something that happened between now and when I met you, then it has everything to do with me." He took a breath, anger flaring in his eyes in response to her. "And if you don't want to tell me what it is yet, then fine. But eventually it'll have to come out." He leaned slightly closer to her face, everything about him the cold hunter. Smiles were gone, and the flirty twinkle was gone from his eyes. "You say you trust me with your life, Sigh, but you cannot trust me with your honor. What honor have you to trust me with, when you run away from anything uncomfortable? Virginity is not what I would consider honor. It certainly doesn't make one keep one's word or make one a warrior." His teeth were bared for a moment. "You are more than just a whore's daughter, and what your mother was is not what you will become if it is not what you want. You have a fight in you that is not inherited in bloodlines, it's built by living a rough life. Intelligence, beauty, magic... You have so much more than what you call your honor to keep you going." The anger in his voice was not directed at her, but merely her attitude towards life.

"You made yourself vulnerable the first time I kissed you and you didn't strike me down dead." his voice was a low rumble. "Stop selling yourself short by thinking that strength is emotionless cruelty and pain. It is so much more than that." His grip on her softened a little, his shoulders moving with his breath.
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