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The man was coming behind him, she could hear him coming. She did not want him to follow just as much as she wanted him to follow. Damn me. Why am I doing this to myself?! What contract? She had let it slip and he wasn't letting it go. His hand reached around her arm, locking her securely. Sigh pulled against him, yanking her arm, but she couldn't loose his grip. Her eyes were very narrow as she spun to face him, still caught in his damnably strong grasp. It has nothing to do with you. Now let me go. Her words were sharp and cold. And it has everything to do with you. If you and I... And if I get... Then there will be a demon born into this world. One who might wield more magic that he should because of what he was born into. And it will be all my fault because I didn't want to die. Not yet. If I would have just... Then Calsylar probably would have been easily defeated in my body. It wouldn't be as if he had grown with it and knew how it worked. Not like Barriego will be. By the Abyss, this is so screwed up!

She yanked on her arm again, trying to free herself. The woman wished for nothing more than to not have to tell him about the contract. She would summon Barriego first before the thing came from her lips. For she herself, would not utter it. It was too horrible of a contract.
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