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Elle nodded and gave him a small smile of apology. "Sorry for interrupting you by the way. Tell me when we're moving again. I'd really like to know." As she spoke she slowly slid into the hole and landed just as she finished the sentence. Now she refocussed on the little girl. She kept her voice soft and gentle. "Can you move everything? Fingers and toes?"

When the girl proved she could, Elle smiled at her. "I'm going to lift you up to Caron and he'll lift you out, okay? It'll all be okay. I promise." Slowly, Elle got a comfortable grip on the girl to lift her to her hip then resituated her hands to efficiently raise the lightweight but shaky girl above her head to Caron.

As the girl rose she reached towards the stranger of a man, trying to trust that he'd get her out and keep her safe. All of this was unfamiliar to her and frankly, it was terrifying.

Tera kept lying still so as not to scare the little one as she was lifted out, but she watched carefully as Elle prepared to be lifted out as well.
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