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Caron gave her a small smile as she asked him what he had done. It was-- Tera's bark interrupted him and Elle's attention was suddenly elsewhere. His smile disappeared into seriousness.

Okay. You can jump in and lift the girl out. I'll pull her the rest of the way free and then help you out next. I should be strong enough to help you as long as you are able to push yourself up just a little and walk up against the sides. He moved to the pit trap and looked in. The dirt along the sides would help Elle get a little purchase when he would try to haul her out. It would be hard, but he was pretty sure that Randatis would be with him in this. The only problem would be if the girl didn't trust him enough to allow him to help her out of the hole. If she has any irrational fears of men or elves, then we will have to sedate her as well... so long as Elle has enough of her powders.
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