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The attacker stumbled about in his blindness. But when a hot stinging pain peirced his back, he howled in pain and outrage. Still blind, he swung wildly with his sword, yowling and grunting out curses.

When the new bout of uprawr began, Elle glanced up. Caron had managed to sink her dagger into the man who was now plundering around in a fit. Elle didn't hesitate in darting forward and using her sword to unhand him of his own weapon. From a small pouch, she uncorked a vile and poured a little bit of greenish-purplish powder in her hand and blew it into the assailant's face.

It only took a few moments before his heavy mass thudded to the forest floor. She could have sworn the trees shook with the impact. Poor trees.. She thought as she looked towards Caron. "Thanks.., what was that?" Her eyes were a little wider than normal in surprise.

Tera had spent the time of the skirmish peering down the hole at the little girl. The wolf barked shortly to regain the human's attention to the girl. Elle turned halfway to the hole and continued speaking to the Elven man who had saved her life. "A little girl is stuck down there, she can't be more than three or four. I'd need to actually go down into the trap to get her. It's too far to just reach down. We have a little while to do this and get far enough away. I gave him a good dose of St. Johns wort. It'll keep him sedated for over an hour." Elle waited for Caron to respond while she moved back over to the edge of the trap.

From within, the little girl's terrified eyes were filled with tears as she reached up with little arms and hands for help. "We'll get you out." Elle's voice was gentle and quiet when she spoke.
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