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Tali had listened and pranced along beside Shalin as they moved. Every now and then, the girl would look back at Ra. To her dismay, the happiness she was trying to send in all directions, didn't seem to be reaching him like she hoped. She bit her lip, trying to decide what to do. She knew people needed to have their time to greive but she also knew Ra was strong willed.

Her eyes softened as she made a quick desicion. She gave Shalin's hand a little squeeze and gave the motherly figure a smile before slipping from her grasp to move back towards Ra. Now she took his hand. She didn't say anything or try to get him to smile. She was just there. If he needed to greive then he didn't have to do it alone. Even if all he wanted to do was curl up under a rock with alcohol, and she had a flashback to the first time she met him. Was it really just days ago? A little more than a week or two? Even so, if he wanted to be alone to be sad for the girl he'd lost so tragically then he could have a little time. But no one should be left alone long, especially at first. Being alone in something like that makes the world a very dark place. The thought of it made a shutter run through her bones. However, she could be wrong about all of it because Ra is different then her, but she'd still take her chances by just holding his hand.
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