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The large man growled as Elle's sword cut shallowly into his leg. His sword hit heavily into the ground in his attempt to releive her of an extremity and it missed her by a hair. To the woman's disapointment, he had mannaged to hear her sleave. She regripped the handle of her blade and rolled away, just about getting onto her feet when Tera's dangerous growl ripped through the little clearing.

Elle heard Caron shout and didn't hesitate to listen. She had no idea what he'd do but she rolled once more to gain more distance and burried her face in her arm. She waited for the all-clear from Caron before she opened her eyes again.

The half-elf could feel the wave of heat that the light created. It was a little disorienting and the little girl in the trap screamed again, but her scream was muffled as if she too was covering her face.

(sorry its short. it seemed longer in my head)
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