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Caron frowned, puzzled as Tera yanked at his sleeve with her teeth. He came along with her slowly. Okay, Tera. I'm coming. The elven priest came along slowly, peering uncertainly into the surrounding trees as he tried to keep an eye out for danger.

Another scream pierced the air. That certainly wasn't a rabbit. It didn't sound like Elle either. It would do him no good to simply rush into something he didn't understand so he took cover periodically as he moved in towards where he had last heard the sound.

He got behind another tree as he tried to fathom the comings and goings before him. There was a male standing tall, wielding a two handed sword against Elle. The elf looked at the dagger in his hand. Well, this is not going to do much damage in a frontal assault, but... He clasped his hands together around the hilt of the dagger that he held, sinking to his knees, head bowed.

Randatis, mighty and magnificent Lord of the skies, the earth, and all the lands the sun doth claim. Grant unto me Thine power to do Thine will, to save the unfortunate, the poor, the weak, and those Thou dost declare as Yours. Shine Your Glory unto the unbeliever!

Caron shouted, closing his eyes tightly. ELLE, CLOSE YOUR EYES! Within that moment a bright burst of light illuminated the area. It was ten times brighter than the sun, piercing in its white, gold glow. It could temporarily blind anyone with their eyes open and a direct view of it.
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