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Tera pawed at the ground out of slight frustration that he wasn't understanding. She pointed her nose to the direction of Elle and glance his way. But she grew impatient and came up beside the elven man and caught the side of his sleave and gave a gentle tug to try and get him to move. He needed to follow her. She kept her eyes determindly on the direction she wanted to go, hoping he'd get the clue. She wasn't being playfull and it was clear in her eyes. She was worried and not willing to be patient. Caron needed to hurry. The wolf hadn't found a stranger or a scent, but it didn't always mean the coast was clear.

Back in the clearing, Elle had gotten up to a kneeling position, sword at the ready. It wasn't a creature that immerged through the trees. Who came through was a burly, overly muscled man with grotesque teeth and quite unpleasent features. And to add to his feirce demeanor, he held a long, two-handed sword. His voice came out as a grumble. "The forest is unsafe for a sweet face like yours, little miss. You could get hurt. As he spoke, he lifted his sword high and came towards her in full body lunge.

Elle had tilted back in order to get a better angle on her own weapon and rolled to the side, out of the way of the large blade. And the little girls scream was shrill as it sounded behind her. Where was Caron?

Elle swung up with her sword to clip the attacker's leg since that was her current vantage point.
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