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Shalin nodded to Ra and held Tali's hand as the girl headed towards the door. The centaur followed, not wanting the girl to get stuck in the doorway with her. Tali, I'm pretty sure that you won't glow even if you sucked up more sun than you already did living on the surface. Shalin chuckled as she squeezed the rest of herself out into the entryway room before the main door.

Oudrana waved and then exited, pulling Willy along by his sleeve. He giggled and waved at Tali, giving her a wink. Tali, you've already seen the markets. Oudrana calls it the bazaar and it's where you and Willy had that candy before we came back here after our tour of the city. We'll probably be going to the same general area, but we'll have to pick out only the things that will be good for us on our journey back to the surface. Once more, Shalin sent Tali ahead of her, steering the girl with her hand to go through the doors ahead and then squeeze her bulk out behind. The doorframe groaned, Shalin exhaled and sighed. Doors just aren't made for people like me. She smiled good-naturedly and rolled her eyes.

I figure that we'll head to the gear shop first. They have canvas, rock picks, fire starters, that sort of thing. We can look through food after that. I find I get bored after the first shop so... might as well look at the most useful one first, right? Oudrana laughed and so did Shalin.

Reith watched people begin to depart from a hallway, unsure how they could even try to laugh. His eyes were lined with red and his shoulders still drooped. Kithra and Bryant would join the rest later.
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