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Tali followed Shalin, reaching up and taking the centar's hand with her small one. She chattered on about everything she couldnt wait to see when they got back to the surface. "We can play in the grass and climb trees and rocks. And the flowers! Ooh i hope they're still in season. I love the flowers. And the sun will be so warm and bright I hope! We can lay under it for hours and soak up all the light! Can people glow if they soak up too much sun?" Her child's mind wandered a little too far with her fantasies and the question slipped out before she could think about the logic of it.

She skipped along, trying to keep everyone in a cheerful mood. She greived for Nephi and hated to see the darkness in Ra's eyes. She wanted to make all the sadness go away. Sadness meant pain. And Tali had spent too much of her life in pain and dealing with other's pain. Was it too much to ask for her and everyone else to be happy for a while? Just a while? So that's why Tali attempted to take it into her own hands and get happy energy flowing in the little group they made up on their way to the market.

"I wonder what the market's look like down here." She was curious, and wondering weather they were similar to those that people of the surface had.
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