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Tali was glad Ra accepted her comfort and she smiled into his scales. The girl didn't let go yet since Ra hadn't and so she just stood against his cool body. She heard the chatter behind her and saw Willy picking up dishes and bustling out in a whirlwind of excitement. She giggled softly. "So we just havta go shopping for supplies then get ready to go right?" She was beyond thrilled that the surface, the sun, and the grass and everything else was so close. She could almost smell the fresh air and the perfume from the flowers. And her flute would sound worlds different when it wasn't echoing off the rock. It sounded more mystical, in her opinion, when it carried rather than bouncing back.

She couldn't wait to get back up. But she frowned a little in thought. All this time she'd been so excited and looking forward to getting back up to the surface, but what would they do once they got there? This whole time in the underground world, it was a journey. What would all of them do when they got back up above? She knew they wouldn't part ways. Shalin, Ra and her were a family, right? They couldn't just leave her.. So where would they go? Hmm..
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