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Shalin nodded. Now that the children were off of her flanks, she rose slowly, her bulky body straightening her back legs first and then her forelegs. It was easier to that slowly though she could spring to her feet quickly if necessary when in a less confining space and no one she cared about nearby. Okay. I am ready now. It looks like everyone is finished with their breakfasts now.

I'll clean'em up! The boy was quick on his feet and began clattering plates and glasses onto the tray that they had come on, dashing off without a backwards look. He must've known that they would wait for him to return.

I've always loved his get-it-done spirit, that Willy. Oudrana chuckled as the watched the little half elven boy. He's spoiled here, but Kith loves the boy like her own were they mother and son on the surface. The drow woman got herself to her feet as well to make room for Shalin, straightening her plum colored robe as she did so. The centaur smiled in thanks. Shalin knew she took up a lot of space. I'll meet you all at the front door then once Willy gets back.
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