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As he was seated next to her, Oudrana looked at his hand the second he held it out. I have bandages, yes. You never know what you might need and when you might need it. She reached into her voluminous sleeve, poking around in it to find by feel what it was she looked for. The roll of cloth and the thin dagger-like blade is what came out of it along with a small glass container with a stopped in it.

She unstoppered the glass container and began to scoop out some of the grayish salve, spreading it over Ra's hand. This is made out of lizard molt. It contains blood stopping agents so you don't bleed for so long. This one is courtesy of Odos' last molt. And then we wrap it up... The glass container was stoppered and slid back into her violet sleeve before she began to firmly wrap the bandage around his hand. Across palm and around wrist to help it hold more completely, tied up by his thumb with a precise knot. The thin dagger sliced off the excess as well as another small square which she wiped her hands on. There. All better. Oh wait! I'm missing one last thing! She gently hoisted Ra's palm to her lips and gave it a kiss on top of the bandage. And a woman's kiss for a speedy recovery. Now we're all better. The usually overwhelming vibrant, loud, and playful woman had toned it down in respect for Ra's mood and period of mourning. The drow could tell easily what had transpired.

Shalin nodded. Well, we've all eaten. Whenever you're ready, Ra. We can all head down to the bazaar together to get some supplies. If you're not quite ready, that's fine. I'm content to wait and let my belly settle some more. The centaur's kindness was showing through. Though she was quite impatient to get their shopping underway and pass this day to the next when their travels to the surface would begin, she would wait out of respect for her friend.
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