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As the hiskr woman talked and mumbled, babbling as it were, Sigh realized immediately the seriousness that the Blanket Cat worked. She knew her craft. It was obvious as the signs were there. She could smell every herb with her hiskr nose. Perhaps her golden eyes were nearly blind with age which was why her nose and sense of smell was so particularly strong. The demonologist smiled grimly as the hiskr worked. I don't have to worry. This one knows what it is she does even if she talks like the grimy peddler woman that passed by our hut on the edges of the village. She always had used things, probably stole them, muttered to herself, but would never harm us. Good natured, but addled.

It also did not startle Sigh that the witchdoctor woman knew exactly what it was that she did for a living. The mark of demons was wound all the way up her body on her left side. The burn might have been wizard fire, but the way hit had healed was distinctly different for those who knew what it was they looked at. As Blanket Cat finished and was already turning away, coin in hand. Sigh tipped slightly in a bow towards her back. It was short, but a sincere thanks from an otherwise insincere person. The magic of the witchdoctor thistle was working strength back into her legs and body much better. As she turned away to leave, she no longer had to lean on Shayne. The healing of her arm would be the work of hours, but the strength infusion was near immediate. The skin under the bandage felt more supple and less oozy.

Sigh said no word to Shayne until they were out under the bright sunlight once more. I once met a woman like her before. When they speak to you instead of to themselves, they know what it is they speak of. The old woman had once told me that the path I would set my feet upon was dark, that fire was not my friend though it would save my life, and that the path to power was paved in blood and it did not always belong to others. She was right. Let us go then. I would like a new ring now that I have given up mine to you. She grinned at him.
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