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The feline blinked large eyes at Sigh and gestured her to come closer. "Only takes a few hours to fully take effect." she murmured, smiling eerily. "Come, come, let me look." Shayne kept a wary eye on the cat, but trusted the healer well enough to know that she was unlikely to poison Sigh. Witchdoctors were strange, but the ones he had met had always been trustworthy.

"Hmmm...yes, sage for cleansing, and *sniff* thistle for strength..." The cat was murmuring herbs, grabbing a leaf of four different jars and a pink thistle flower and setting it upon the rickety looking table. "Cuts... Cuts are nasty things. Infectious if not treated properly. But you've got it bandaged and supported. Seen a doctor, have you?" She didn't pause for answers, instead reaching out towards Sigh's arm. "Yup. *sniff* Poultice on it. Smart man or woman, who cared for this. Goldenseal, for disinfecting... mint, for soothing and scent...*sniff* Yes, very smart, talented doctor. But not enough, no no. Not enough at all."

The big man was frowning a little. This feline was quite odd. Talkign almost as if they weren't there. "Alright. Magic time. Magic will finish what herbs have begun. Yes, yes. Magic is a good thing for healing." Her mottled hands picked up the herbs she had gathered together, and she moved closer to Sigh, waving the herbs towards her. A spark flashed and they started to smoke a little, the scent of sage dominating. "Nomi cantri...Soli...." Her words fell into unintelligible mutters. But Sigh would be able to feel the skin healing, the stitches loosening in their grip. Strength poured into her arm once more.

It took a few moments before the chanting was finished, and the healer looked up with a happy expression on her face. "Should be finished in a few hours. Keep it in that sling, lovely danger. Three silver, now. 'Tisn't a free world nows." Shayne complied without question. no doubt three silver was expensive for such a simple spell that would take a while to finish, but in a port town, they always over charged. He dug out three of his silver coins, and dropped them into her waiting palms.

Madam Harlomew sniffed again, and grinned eerily once more staring straight at Sigh with intelligent eyes. "Be careful the next time you summon, eh? Keep those shields up. You smell of brimstone and sulfur. One should be more careful with such things as you work with, lady." She chortled again and turned away, moving into the far corner of the shop, waving her hand at them to leave.

Shayne raised an eyebrow, and looked at Sigh. He turned to lead her out of the shop though, and coughed lightly. "That was...odd...." His voice was light, humorous. Obviously he had not met a doctor so strange before, even in his travels, and humor was his way to make himself a little more comfortable. "Shall we ride then, my lady?"
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