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Sigh was peacefully oblivious to the world around her truly. Since she had run away from her mother's home so many long years ago and procured the ability to summon demons, she hadn't had to watch her back. There was a demon for that. They were her protectors throughout city and countryside. They killed without mercy any that looked like a threat and warned her away from things best left alone. If a thief stole from her, the demons knew and would go after him without hesitation to bring back what she had lost and the hand that had taken it. Without one, she had unconsciously assigned Shayne to the role of protector in this unfamiliar setting.

The Demonologist failed to register that the running blob of fur was Tawnik and that he was heading towards the jungle. In fact, it had been as the troll had suspected, she had forgotten about him altogether. He had never quite fit in with her. Quite possibly the kindest thing she had ever done for him was to warn him about Sylvana and tell her demons to leave him alone and alive. Now the white beached island that she'd met him on was far away and she had rarely even seen him on the boat while they had been on it. She might have remembered him more had he come to check on her after her near possession and death at the hands of the cult in the cargohold, but as he had been mooning after the cook the whole time, she thought on him not at all.

The horses followed behind them, softly snorting, the thuds of their hooves into the dirt of the road beneath them. The port town that they walked through was simply a bunch of wooden buildings built nearby the docks. Sure, there were a lot of wooden buildings, but they were scrunched together. The larger ones were probably inns, taverns, and official harbor buildings, undoubtedly. The smallest were probably little more than shacks for housing stacked up upon one another, ladders and staircases making the higher shacks easier to attain than going from roof to roof or learning how to scale walls. And then there was the healer's place that Shayne took her to.

The wooden contraption was about the size of one of the living shacks and painted a garish yellow with some sort of red motif. The door overhang was strung over by a red awning strapped to wood with strips of leather around feathers and colored beads hanging from it. The door was more of a towel over the hole that would be the entrance. It all smelled faintly of dried herbs and dust bunnies and perhaps the iron tang of blood. As Shayne tied the horses to the railing nearby, Sigh frowned at the establishment, her nose wrinkling in distaste. Here?

The dark haired woman followed behind Shayne, still holding his arm but staying a step behind, as he lifted the towel-door-thing. The shop itself was a well organized chaos, lit by what light came through the windows. It was a strange place and her eyes began to rove about. She began to sigh which nearly turned into a startled gasp as they were acknowledged by a battered pile of... gray blanket? The gray blanket transformed itself into a hiskr quite quickly and Sigh slapped a calm expression on her face rapidly to avoid seeming childish. The hiskr was looking at her arm. Oh. Yeah.

The demonologist looked at Shayne at the moment he tried to encourage her to go on with a look. She gave a half smile, her eyes going "Oh you have got to be kidding me." The woman swallowed, withdrew what emotion she had in her eyes and kept the cold smile on her face once more. From Captain Lice to Blanket Cat. I thought I had been finished with strange people until we reached Phenvast... Sigh stepped forward as the Blanket Cat beckoned. It was cut deeply whilst we were out to sea. How long do your spells take, Madam? Probably cost plenty too. It's always easier to say 'Do this or you die' and then forget that you implied that they could live after they were done. Oops, so sad. You're deceased. Oh this all would be so much easier if this was all over and done with! I could go back to wandering about and burning down whatever little town decided to irk me and I wouldn't have to worry about money, appearances, cultists, battles that aren't my concern, intrigues and... Shayne. The invisible pressure one her lips found her again as she cursed her femininity inwardly while maintaining her cool outer facade for the Blanket Cat.
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