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Shayne's awareness was heightening now that he was ashore. His eyes took note of almost everything in sight, the crew, headed into town towards taverns, the man sitting on the dock, something common enough here, and as he was turning away, he spotted Tawnik, the large troll running into the jungle. A moment of shock made him pause, but then he nodded to himself. If the troll wished to run away to his home, there was nothing stopping him.

The market of the port town was buzzing with its usual bustle, thieves working their way among the people. The man kept a wary eye out as he looked around for the sign of a healer. They were common in the area, witchdoctors and other such people. Or they could go for a temple. Randatis was well known to be good to rely on for healing.

He paused momentarily, and then smiled at Sigh, leading her at a relatively slow pace and glad that his belongings were currently in a bundle hidden under the stack of armor. The lion's head helmet snarled at anyone behind him, and the man had little fear of thieves anyways. The two horses clomped along behind them, docile and obviously quite gentle. Nothing like the fiery warhorses that Shayne had always held in ideal, but they would do to ride to the city.

It didn't take long to find a healer's shop. Shayne led them inside, tying the horses to a pole by their reins, and the two people were immediately greeted by a hunched over hiskr. Her fur was mottled grey and brown, and she seemed to hide under her robes, her head scrunched, hair in braids and eyes sharply golden. "Hello, hello." She seemed friendly enough. "What needs can Madam Harlomew help you with today?" The shop was well lit by the light from the wide windows, and there were shelves around filled with herbs and plants, others with scrolls. It was a bit cluttered, but looked like it was organized nonetheless. The hiskr's eyse focused onto Sigh's arm. "Oh, a bit of healing is needed? That much is obvious. Come, come!" She gestured to them, beckoning them closer with one hand. "Madam Harlomew has a good spell for healing."

Shayne smiled politely. "Thank you, Madam Harlomew. That is exactly what we are looking for." He looking at the woman next to him, encouraging. The hiskr was creepy in her own witchdoctor fashion, but he knew that she was in all likelihood worth her weight in gold to this little town.
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