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Tawnik ate his dinner happily and expectantly, looking at Velanta throughout his meal. After dinner, he was called to the helm. He steered the ship happily and expectedly. As the town neared, Sira'ke took over and Tawnik stared at it expectantly. He would be saying 'goodbye' to Shayne soon. Despite their last conversation ending on a sour note, Tawnik was looking forward to his last conversation with him. He smiled.

They reached the port and the gangplank was set out. Shayne and Mistress Sigh walked out of their cabin and stepped onto dry land with barely a second thought. Tawnik stared after them, his smile still visible, waiting for either of them – even Sigh – to realise that they had forgotten something. But they didn't. He wanted to thank them for what they had taught him and for bringing him on this ship but he didn't seem to exist in their minds.

His smile faded. He stared at their backs, finally understanding that his presence had ultimately amounted to nothing. The rest of the crew went into the town but Tawnik stayed on the ship. Walking down to his hammock, he grabbed his knife and cut through the ends of it. A sudden rush of emotion hit him as it had before, and this time any sadness and anger that came was tenfold.

He walked back onto the deck and threw his hammock into the sea, where it was deepest. Undoubtedly it would be found – it was still quite close to shore and it would float to the sand where it would lie spilt like Wafers' blood. This thought caused him to cast his mace into the ocean. Every ounce of his strength was put into sending it spinning through the air and eventually falling through the water, like an anchor.

He fished his priest out of his fish trap and emptied the feathers into the sea. He threw his tools into the fish trap and walked off the ship, sure to avoid Shayne and Mistress Sigh. The first thing he did was head into the jungle, deciding that something familiar would be better for him. He barely existed anyway.
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