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Sigh was positively delighted over the fact that her feet were on dirt. Sure, wood planking over water was okay, but once they had hit dirt, she knew she was on land. The woman was as surprised as Shayne was to see her foe, Captain Lice, holding onto the reins of two horses. She blinked as she listened, keeping the rest of herself as cold and aloof as possible the entire time. She nodded at Crimson's parting words as if she were a gracious lady instead of positively smug that she was still holding onto Shayne's arm, despite the fact that she needed it to walk correctly. Sigh also assumed that the man would probably put on his shirt eventually though she couldn't remember ever seeing him in one in the first place... Huh. There is that.

Now that the pirate captain was away, Sigh half smiled. I'm pretty sure she's just happy we didn't burn down her ship and that we're well away from it now. She snickered, covering her face with a curtain of hair. As she straightened up, she shook out her lustrous dark mane of hair and stilled her face, retaining only the cool smile of a courtier, the one that said "I don't care who you are, where you are from, or what you want, but if this smile falls off my face whilst you're addressing me, you're in trouble." Yes, please, my Lord Shayne. It would please me greatly to have more function in my limb than it currently has at its disposal. I do not look nearly so beautiful on your arm with mine own in a sling. She fluttered her lashes at him as she dripped the charm of a backcountry noble. Oh yes. I do believe I shall do.
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