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Shayne felt the strain of supporting much of Sigh's weight, but he barely noticed. It was minor compared to the burdens he had borne many times before. He paused on deck to grab his gear, slinging it over his shoulders easily, and smiled at Sigh. "At the very least we should be able to get a good horse or two. And she will find me before we are done in the town."

As it was, Crimson was waiting for them at the shore, holding two horses. One was a bay mare, with a simple set of tack on her, the other a much larger gelding, obviously with some draft blood in him, set with the same simple tack. Two saddlebags road on each horses' rump, filled with something not yet visible. The red-haired pirate grinned. "Rented only. They get returned to one of the stables at the city, as I assume that's where you'll be headed." She winked as they came upon land, reaching out to clasp Shayne's wrist in a warrior's grip, and nodded in Sigh's direction. "Figured neither of you would want to spend the fortnight of walking through the forest. Horse'll cut it down to about half that. Good luck to you both." With that, the Cap'n handed the reins to Shayne, and walked down the decks.

The man blinked, half in shock. "Either she thought she owed me something, or she's very happy that we're off her ship.." he muttered, and then looked at the lady next to him. "Shall we go find a healer and a jeweler, then, Lady Kel?" The name rolled off his tongue smoothly, but he didn't like it as well as Sigh's chosen name.
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