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Sigh Memnemik took the man's arm, not only for appearance's sake, but to help her walk. She knew that he would be able to support her enough where she wouldn't look like she was hanging onto him even to be able to stand. She would merely look like the object of his adoration. As you will. The Demonologist smiled back at him, sincerely glad for his support and the fact that dry land was only a small ways away.

They made it to the deck easily enough with her firm grip on his arm. Her legs were much stronger than they had been the previous day even if her walk was still difficult. She held her chin eye, darkened her pale eyes with the cold facade that she normally wore when amongst people she didn't know and didn't want to know. Though the greatest urge to summon a demon arose within her mind, she refused it. A Lady of the court would have no need to summon a demon on her own. Shayne, will your friends supply us here or must we reach the city first? I would hope that perchance we might be able to procure a coach to get us there more convincingly than by foot. I assume that the jungle would at least have some small cleared merchant trails. Do you need to bid your captain farewell? So long, Captain Lice. I win. A smug feeling was settling into her and that, in and of itself, disturbed her somewhat. Why should she care who was walking away with Shayne? Their feelings weren't anything more than a facade... maybe? That kiss... The way he kisses... It's... It's not love. Men don't know how. And neither do I!
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