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Shayne smile widely at Sigh's delight at being so close to land once more. He watched carefully as she moved to stand, wary and ready to stand and catch her should she fall over. Once she had a palm on the wall though, and was looking back at him, he grinned. It was a charming grin, straight teeth and happy eyes brightening the man's face.

He stood slowly, muscles rippling, and stepped forward towards Sigh. His movement were slightly predatory, but the lion inside was contained, barely. His eyes traced her body momentarily, his grin quirking up more on one side. "Shall we then, my Lady?" He reached out a hand to trace her cheek and tuck a strand of dark hair behind her ear. A wink, and then he offered her his arm to hang onto as he led the way out onto deck.


On deck, they were pulling up to the docks. Every crew hand was up and helping for the first bit, but only a few would leave the ship. The anchor was lowered to make her stay, and a plank lowered from deck to dock. Velanta sent a list of goods needed, and the Cap'n handed out the gold coins. Each man would get at least one night out on the town, so long as he returned by midmorning the next day. The port town, while small, was bustling with activity. Two other ships were in the harbor, one of them a merchant's being unloaded of cargo.

The day was clear, the sun rising in the sky, and the sailor's happy with their lives.
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