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The slight knock on the door startled Sigh. Never had she been without a demon to announce that someone was coming before in many years. She stroked the snarls out of her tangled dark hair as Captain Lice peered about the doorframe. It took the demonologist a moment to register the fact that port meant that they had reached dry land once more. She straightened herself and tried to look cool and aloof, but an eager excitement forced itself into her hard eyes. Land! By all the Darkness! I thought I'd never leave this damnable little chunk of wood! There was something precious about leaving the place of her latest disgrace. The pirate ship would only hold bad memories for her now anyway... save for some. Her right hand brushed her lips as the captain removed herself from the doorway, a slight flush rising into her pale cheeks.

She was feeling much stronger now. The rest and food and clean bandages were helping. The sling held her damaged arm firmly, but comfortably. Thank the Abyss, we're going to be on solid ground soon! I do not believe that I was designed for boat travel.

Sigh reached towards the floor and scooped up her satchel and her rapier's sheath, delicately settling them upon her so as not to bump her arm in any way. Then slowly, she got to her mostly steady feet, wobbling enough to get her hand on the wall of the cabin before she fell over. She grimaced, looking back at Shayne. I'm nearly better. I can walk this far by myself.

Part of her was ashamed by her sudden desire to want to be helped by the man that had stayed by her side for so long. Another part wanted his arms on either side of her shoulders, pressing his lips into hers again with that hungry passion that he so readily displayed. The other part just wanted to summon a demon, find a dark corner, and sit there until the world went back to normal. But it won't go back to normal, will it...? I am not quite who I was before... before all of this. Shall we head to the deck, my Lord? We are nearly there to where our great facade must begin.
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