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Sigh had received the doctor's ministrations without a fuss. She had set her jaw tightly and tried not to wince as he touched the agitated flesh. She was just as determined not to look at it as ever. The salve that he had rubbed on it did indeed spread cooling through the limb, causing it to tingle not unpleasantly. As the man made the temporary sling, she leaned her head forward so as to not impede his ability to tie it securely. With her good arm, she readjusted it minorly to free what hair had become trapped beneath the fabric. The woman nodded in response to the man's doctorly instructions about how to move it though she would rather not think about moving it at this point anyway. She would need her left arm eventually, but most of the things she required an arm for was simply for her right. It was lucky that her dominant arm hadn't been fused with a demon even for only a short time. She shuddered at the thought, startling a little at the sound of Shayne's deep voice.

Yes, I am ready. Sigh's muscles were still weak from the near possession. It seemed strange that everything would be shakey and sore to a point, but between blood loss from her left arm and from nearly losing her life and for all of the energy that was burned between herself and Calsylar doing opposite operations of entering and refusing entry to her body, she supposed it was only natural.

As she extended her right arm out towards the dark haired man, she got lost in thought for the moment. How did I get here? How did I get to this point? It just seems so... nonsensical. The lion has such complete control over me right now. I am fully within his power and yet I have no demon at my side to protect me from him. He could readily rip me apart and I've nothing to stop him save pleading for mercy...

The sun had glinted off of his golden skin, his long dark hair a satin ribbon flying about like a streamer. His scars had been a set of rivers flowing over his body like a map of history. The deadly grace he possessed, the fierce, cold hard sparkle in his devilish eyes, and his cool mannerisms, they had told her from the very beginning, before he even had a name to her, that she should not trust him. Oh it was true that he was very fine to look at and how she had looked! She had pushed at him to keep him at a distance, but still agreed to help him against this cult that had plagued him. At least for a time, until it bored her. Then they had come aboard the pirate ship and everything had changed. His arms had come around her waist to show her the dolphins, holding her firmly. Those same arms had caged her between them and the wooden wall of her cabin as he had watched her with his predatorial eyes before they had... The kiss was still burned on her lips, its memory still constant even as they had kissed again later. She could feel how her heart had hammered against her ribs, the surge of adrenaline and fear. Sigh tried not to make the mistake of feeling like he belonged to her. A lion was not possessed by anything other than itself. But by then, she had already pledged herself to vengeance against the same cult for seeking to destroy her using her own tools. It feels like I have embarked upon a voyage, tied between lust and vengeance. Neither horse will save me from myself.

A soft sigh escaped from between her lips. She suddenly felt tired, the cooling salve still making her flesh tingle. I should probaby go back to my cabin. Maybe it is nearly time to eat?
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