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Velanta moved through the dining area to the kitchen, starting to search through foodstuffs for what she needed to make the stew she was planning. Potatoes, onions... salted meat. Her mind picked up on Tawnik's question, and she replied without thinking. "Only reason it's clean is because of Cap'n's standards for cleanliness. She doesn't want any of us getting sick from disease or such. Leroy takes cabin boy duties of cleaning seriously because of it. Most ships, the mess hall is the messiest place of all. Food gets spilled everywhere, dishes get left unwashed. It's ridiculous."


Shayne helped her over to the stool, and stood by Sigh steadily, a glint of worry in his eye and a steady glare at the doctor. The small man, gently handling Sigh's arm, was trying to ignore the intimidating warrior. There were no signs of redness traveling through the veins up the arm, so he was not worried much about infection, but he grabbed the paste he had made regardless. It smelled of mint, not needed, but an extra to cover up the other smells in the poultice. He nodded wordlessly at Sigh's statement of needing a sling, spreading the thick mixture over the long cut with great dexterity. It had a cool feeling that would seep into the skin.

After the cut was completely covered, he took up the bandages, wrapping the arm securely once more, not too tight, but firmly. A large, square piece of cloth he folded into a triangle, looping it around the arm and tying it behind Sigh's neck. "There. It should heal quite quickly with that poultice, even if you don't get magical healing on shore. Be gentle once you start moving it more. the muscles are sliced quite neatly, but it will take a bit to truly regain their strength.." It was basic instructions, and the man was putting pieces back into the small kit.

Shayne looked to Sigh. "Ready?"
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