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Luca nodded. It is unfortunate that there are not so many to take care of such a place of healing and good. I may not worship his god, but it would be rather ungrateful of me to simply take my leave after such a gesture of goodwill and kindness. The elven man stood on his feet now, looking down at them as if awaiting their betrayal.

Sully looked at him from his perch on Ryana's shoulder and squawked, tipping his feathered head. Luca's mouth turned from a mild frown to a half smile at the bird's exclamation. I'm fine, Sully. No need to natter at me like my mother. She would tell me to stay on my ass as well and I still wouldn't listen. He chuckled as he looked up to see the bird puffing out his feathers indignantly.

Luca took a few experimental steps in a circle to test out his abilities. He was pleased to be alive and coordinated. Well, I appear to be able to move sufficiently to prove my healing a success. Now... where is Father Bran that I might enlist my services for a sufficient amount of time to compensate for the magical and physical costs of his healing? He looked around and then decided it would be easier to call out to the man. Father Bran? Are you around here?
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