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Tawnik felt Velanta pull away from their hug slowly and he resisted pulling her back. He nodded at her when he heard what she had to do and hugged her again briefly. This hug didn't last for nearly as long, yet it was still as perfect as the last one. Tawnik's smile played at his lips, unsure whether to stay. The firelight in his eyes was still burning strong. He looked towardds the helm and found Sira'ke at the wheel again.

"I'll come with you," he said, seeing that he wouldn't be called to relieve the helm until nightfall. He didn't know what else to do either. Waiting was all he ever did on this ship, although it was slightly more pleasant waiting where people eat. He he heard that that place was called a mess or a mess hall from conversation amongst the other sailors but wasn't sure.

He stood waiting for her to lead to way. "Do you know how much longer we have until we reach the mainland?"
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