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Sigh was relieved inside as Shayne agreed to help her without fighting her desire to walk herself. She, however, refused to show that relief and simply clenched her teeth and kept her chin held high. The pain was intense for a moment as her injured arm slid down, hanging limply at her side. The rest of her was weak, each footstep was shakey and uncertain. It was good that the paladin was keeping a slow and steady pace or she wouldn't have been able to keep it. Already more of her weight was leaning into him even before they exited the room.

However, Sigh, with her teeth clenched, didn't make a sound. She didn't whimper, didn't moan, and didn't cry out. She refused to. I am Sigh. I refuse to show weaknesses beyond what I am. I am strong. I have both my legs and I am walking. She recited it over and over in her head, just trying to make herself believe it. The Demonologist did not want to become reliant on the services of a man she trusted for some things, but not everything.

How much... further? The woman attempted to make her voice sound pleasant and conversational, but it still came out rather pained.
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