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Luca shrugged, still smiling. I think getting lost is an aquired skill. But I have been to a city before... Well, sort of, kind of, not really. It was more like standing on the opposite side of the wall and looking in at it because I didn't really have much business inside it and it would just be simpler to look at it instead of go in. The problem is that all the buildings just end up looking the same and then I can't seem to figure out where I am and, if you ask for directions, well, generally you wind up maimed in an alley. Though it seems to me... He tapped his chin, his eyes pointed up at the ceiling. ... that I have had the luck of not asking for directions and winding up nearly maimed in an alley. Lucky me. Heh.

The wood elf chuckled and looked at the woman who was petting his bird friend. Though I suppose I shouldn't chide my luck so. You did find me and got me here. I am now healed and, obviously, not maimed. Fortune is just so fickle and uncertain... like a clean pair of socks. Luca slowly began to get to his knees, testing his legs from the ground up. They still felt uncertain, but they were better than before. I suppose when Father Bran comes back, I will offer him my services for the day as I have no coin to offer him for his kindness. As Urvas says, "Thou shalt be the branch. It thine tree doth support you, then thou shalt offer nourishment to thine tree that doth support." He had even made his voice sound somewhat stuffy and scholarly as he quoted.
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